Enjoy professional waxing with significantly reduced pain

We take waxing VERY seriously.  So much so, we think we are EXCEPTIONAL at it.

All our therapists are professional waxing specialists and as a result we can guarantee a fabulous wax.

Better still we use Lycon wax which means you get a precision finish and a virtually pain free experience.

Bikini Waxing

Hollywood Bikini Wax (Maintenance) – 20 mins £24.50

Completely bare – all hair removed from your pubic bone, labia, perineum and anus (Knickers off during treatment).

Brazilian Bikini Wax (Maintenance) – 20 mins £24.00

All hair removed from your labia, perineum and anus, leaving a landing strip of hair on top of your pubic bone.

Three Quarter Bikini Wax – 20 mins £15.25

Whatever sprouts out the top and side of a G-string pair of knickers.  Higher cut than a basic bikini wax but far less than a Brazilian (Knickers on during treatment)

Basic Bikini Wax – 10 mins £11.00

Whatever sprouts out the side and top of a normal pair of knickers (Knickers on during treatment)

Facial Waxing

Lip  £6.70

Chin  £6.50

Lip & chin  £8.50

Eyebrows  £8.00

Leg Waxing

Half Leg  £15.25

3/4 Leg  £17.25

Full leg  £21.50

Full Leg & Basic Bikini  £25.50

Other Waxing

Underarm  £10.50

Half Arm  £13.00

Full Arm  £19.00

Buttocks  £13.00

Male Waxing

Eyebrows  £8.00

Full Back and Shoulders  £23.00

Upper Back & Shoulders  £19.50

Lower Back  £8.00

Abdomen & Chest  £23.00

Chest  £20.00

Upper Body (Front & Back) £35.00

Full Leg to pant line  £21.50